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    Neckerchief Belle Turban
    When it comes to achieving a balanced look and details that make it simple but remarkable, you can always count on accessories or accessories. As you know, it's those little details that give personality to the simplest looks.

    In this look we have chosen a coatigan that makes the perfect seasonal wardrobe! And we combine it with very comfortable peach jeans and this cute clutch for a fun but sophisticated game.

    But the most special detail is, as you can see, in the headscarf. And this year is one of the most popular fashions. A much fresher and more youthful air that will complete your look on sunny days and good weather, not to mention that it is the perfect trick for a "bad hair day".

    Low pigtails, bows and low braids fit perfectly with that accessory, and you can even wear it in the form of a turban, another of the styles that sweeps in the most shared images of Pinterest hairstyles.

    Dina  Tokio  - The details in the look - Neckerchief Belle Turban