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    Many times we choose white, red or black as the ideal color for our more stylish dresses, but they are not our only options. Pink, for example, is the color associated with femininity par excellence. Dresses in any of its tones are always an appropriate option to achieve a successful chic look.

    The rose is love, tenderness, and delicacy. In addition, it is a timeless tone that you can wear in any season of the year. We look very seductive with pink, but not with as much power as we choose red. It is the tone you are looking for if you want to achieve a naïve, romantic and delicate look.

    A powdery pink dress looks spectacular for a dinner or a cocktail. As for the designs, you can choose a mini, midi or maxi cut, the skirt is flared, with siren or tube cut, this will depend on your style. Oh, and remember the details, the jewels, the lace and the transparencies always favor you.
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